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Going through a divorce is stressful enough. When you have children to consider, it becomes even more difficult. Coming to a fair and reasonable child custody agreement can be challenging, and your number one priority should be making sure your children are getting what they need. At Arizona Family Law Solutions, we are committed to helping you through this difficult time. Our Mesa child custody lawyers can answer all of your questions with regards to child custody as well as family law and is there for you when you need them most.

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Legal vs. Physical Custody

There are two main areas of child custody cases that must be considered: legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody is associated with the right to make legal decisions for the minor child or children, such as healthcare, religion, and education. Physical custody is related to where the child physically resides. It is possible for one parent to have physical custody while the other parent has legal custody. Typically in Arizona, parents have legal custody of their shared children, and physical custody is modified to suit the family’s personal circumstances and dynamics.

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Parallel Parenting in a Divorce

You might find that parallel parenting is a healthy and productive option to co-parent your child. Parallel parenting refers to both parents being able to provide and care for the child but having very limited interaction with one another. This situation is often applied in a tenuous relationship between the parents or other highly conflicted situations that make it healthier for the two to have limited contact. Both parents make critical decisions regarding the child's future and may even divide between responsibility for the child's education and the other for the child's health, as examples.

What Is Right of Refusal in Child Custody?

A parent's right of refusal allows the parent who does not have sole custody the opportunity to look after the child if the parent with sole custody. This applies in any situation, such as if the parent with sole custody needs to go out for the evening or is planning a trip that is weeks or months in advance. The parent with sole custody must ask the other parent before turning to babysitters or even other family members first. This is another circumstance that can often be seen in high-conflict custody cases.

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